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Symptoms of Bad Alignment: Causes and Indicators

An alignment is not always noticeable. You may be driving down the highway only to suddenly realize that you are veering to the left for no reason at all. The answer could be because of a bad wheel alignment. While it may seem like a simple solution to just over-correct your steering, allowing your car to suffer from a bad wheel alignment can snowball and create other bad effects on your car. Here are a few symptoms of a bad wheel alignment and what it can means for your car.

Common Bad Alignment Indicators

Some common signs that your car is misaligned are:

·       Vehicle pulls to left or right

·       Tires make a squealing sound

·       Tire wear is uneven

·       Steering wheel isn't aligned with the tires

Let us look at these signs in more detail.

1. Vehicle Pulls to Left or Right

This is most noticeable when you are driving. If you are heading down the street and you find your car drifting, despite holding the wheel in the straight direction, then it is due to a bad alignment. You will have to over-steer in order to keep your car going in the direction that you want.

2. Tires Make a Squealing Sound

This sound typically occurs when you are turning. It may be due to friction or another cause.

3. Tire Wear is Uneven

Because the tires are not setting on the ground at the right height, certain parts of the tire will touch the street more often than others. As a result, you are left with uneven tire wear. This can damage the tire if it is allowed to continue.

4. Steering Wheel Isn't Aligned with Wheels

Perhaps when you park your car, you may find that even though you are in a straight line, your wheel is turned to the side. This is a sure sign that you have a bad alignment.

What Causes Bad Alignment?

There are few causes behind a bad alignment. One of them is that there is too much weight on one side of the car. If you overloaded your backend, for example, then the front side of your car is going to be lifted off the road ever so slightly.

Another reason may have been an improper tire installation from an auto repair shop. By incorrectly placing the wheel height, or somehow messing with the chassis height, your car is unable to drive evenly on the road. That is why it is always vital to take your car to our auto repair shop. We have the experience to service your car the right way.

How Our Auto Repair Shop Can Help

Attempting to fix your alignment on your own can be difficult. The process involves removing your tie rods a lot and measuring the proper angle and distance of your wheels. Our team can ensure that your car's alignment matches its factory-standard setting.

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