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Porter, Automotive Shop Helper, Production Assistant
$16.00 - 18.00 per hour

Refer to document, Production Assistant / Shop Helper, Policies & Procedures.

Attributes - Responsible, reliable, and trustworthy - (MUST KNOW HOW TO DRIVE A MANUAL TRANSMISSION) -Conscientious, especially regarding security and safety - Able to work without close supervision - Polite, professional, friendly, and able to provide customer service - Flexible and prepared to do a variety of jobs

Purpose The purpose of the Production Assistant is to keep the shop neat, clean, and organized. This helps productivity and creates a positive professional image for the shop's customers and the community.

Basic Skill Requirements - Good communication skills - Knowledge of effective cleaning techniques - Has knowledge of all cleaning materials and how to safely use them - Ability to operate necessary tools and equipment - Physically able to perform the duties of the job, including lifting and carrying - Able to keep essential records as required


Performs check-in of cars using tablet.

Performs final Quality Control check and clean-up of cars after repairs are complete.

Moves cars whenever necessary.

Pickup up customer cars and deliver customer cars after repairs are completed.

Clean all bay floors, and clean all table tops and work benches. If one area is occupied, go to another until the first area is clear, and then go back and clean it.

Empty all trash cans, and break down larger boxes so they do not take up a lot of room in the dumpster.

Clean bathroom area, the toilet, sink, and floor.

Clear coffee area, and microwave area.

Drain the water trays on the bottom of the compressors daily.

Remove all debris from the parts washer.

Wipe down the bathroom walls with cleaner.

Sweep the blacktop entrance and parking lot as needed.

Clean the key night drop box, inside and out.

Clean all windows inside and out.

Clean computer areas - dust counter tops - clean screens.

Check the floor drain in the rear compressor room, clean as needed, and sweep the area.

Clean the sink

Informs management of any broken or inoperative equipment.

Knowledge of Driving a Manual Transmission Vehicle is Required

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